I accepted Christ as my Savior at age 16.  I did not fully accept and embrace Him as my Lord until much later.

I think, for most people, accepting Him as Savior is far easier than accepting Him as Lord.

Accepting Him as Savior means accepting the free gift of salvation.  It means embracing the truths that:

  1. All have sinned, including me.
  2. I am not worthy to stand in God’s presence because of my sin.
  3. I need someone to pay the price for my sin and make me worthy
  4. Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay that price.
  5. This is a gift of God’s grace, freely given. I am undeserving and can do nothing to earn my salvation.  I can only accept the gift that is offered.

Accepting Him as Lord means opening your heart and allowing Him to mold you into the person He created you to be.  Accepting Him as Lord means opening your life and allowing Him to mold it into something that glorifies Him.  It means going where He leads you, when you want to go in an entirely different direction.  It means doing that which He tells you to do, when what you want to do is something different entirely.  It means loving who and when He directs you to love, not who and when you feel like loving.

Easier said than done – at least for me.  I didn’t want to yield control of my heart or my life to ANYONE.  I accepted Him as Savior, but continued to live MY life on MY terms.

Then, one day, the Lord got through to me that I was NOT living a life that glorified Him.  I was fighting against His sovereignty over my life. I was on the WRONG side and was fighting against Him.  Silly, right?  Fighting God?  I mean, who’s going to win THAT contest?  It wasn’t until I was face down in the mud and asking, “Why me, God?” that I became aware that I was fighting His Lordship over my life.

It’s like a game of tug-of-war.  There are two sides.  Everyone must pick one:

  1. You can fight God. You can pull against Him and try to live YOUR life YOUR way.  You will, at some point, end up with your face in the mud.  You might think you are in control, but God can yank on the rope at any time and put you in the mud and muck.  The timing is different for different people.  When the time is right, He will yank that rope and you will end up face-down in mud and muck.
  1. You can go to His side, yield control to Him and hold onto the rope. He will pull it in the direction He wills.  He will direct your life in the way that glorifies Him. He will help you to grow and become stronger.  He will mold you into the person He created you to be.  He will bless you so mightily it will take your breath away!

Which side will you pick today?